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Take a moment to read this page so you can reap the most reward from referring our products to everyone you know. Every effort has been made to make this as easy as possible for you.

Here’s what is included in the Media-Savvy-to-Go affiliate program:

When you recommend our downloadable or hard copy Media-Savvy-to-Go products to everyone you know, you enjoy a commission of 30%, rounded to a whole dollar amount.

Product   Commission
Media-Savvy-to-Go Electronic Tips Booklets, Vol. 1 & 2 $2.40
Media-Savvy-to-Go Electronic Tips Booklet Vol. 1 $1.50
Media-Savvy-to-Go Electronic Tips Booklet Vol. 2 $1.50
Media-Savvy-to-Go Hard Copy Tips Booklets, Vol. 1 & 2 $3.00
Media-Savvy-to-Go Hard Copy Tips Booklets Vol. 1 $1.80
Media-Savvy-to-Go Hard Copy Tips Booklet, Vol. 2 $1.80
Media-Savvy-to-Go Audio CDs $11.40
Media-Savvy-to-Go E-Workbook $26.10
Media-Savvy-to-Go Bound Volume of E-Workbook $29.10
Media-Savvy-to-Go Package Deal – Tips Booklets, CDs, and E-Workbook $29.10

Take the next step and sign up as an affiliate today

Go to our simple form by Clicking HERE

You will automatically receive an email that includes your username, password, and two links:

Link #1:

Use the link at the end of this paragraph everywhere you possibly can – in your emails, on your blog, at your Website, in articles you write, on your promotional materials anywhere and everywhere. The link you get when you’ve signed up has your affiliate ID number where the XXXXX’s are below. Your customers must click on this link to get to the site only one time. Once they have done that, a cookie on my site will remember them each time they come back after that. That means when they buy commissionable products in the future, you will get the commission for it even if they arrived directly at the site without going through your affiliate link. This works as long as they don’t remove the cookie from their own computer. This is your unique link, the one that is associated with you each and every time.

Link #2:

Keep this one to yourself. It’s the one you use to access my shopping cart to see how much commission you have earned. Be prepared to enter your user name and the password you received when you joined the affiliate program. You’ll see a place to click if you lost your username and password. That information will then be automatically emailed to you. The link, which also has your affiliate ID code, looks like this:

This affiliate program has one tier.

At this time, the Media-Savvy-to-Go affiliate program does not have two tiers. That means only you get the commission described above, and it is not possible to have someone sign up as a sub-affiliate under you to also get a commission from your account.

No guessing about sales or commission payment

This system is so good that you’ll automatically get an email when someone makes a purchase. You’ll know when it happened, who bought what product, how much it was, and how much commission you can expect on the 15th of next month when you reach at least $50 in commissions. PayPal is the preferred method of commission payments within the United States and the only method available for international commission payments.

Solo copy sales earn a 30% sales commission. Large quantity orders for Media-Savvy-to-Go publicity tips booklets earn a 10% – 15% commission based on the gross sale of the order. The greater you support the quantity sale with your introductions, endorsements, and support to the decision makers, the greater the sales commission.

Please send me any questions you have at Imagine the thrill and ease of receiving an ongoing flow of commissions as a result of your generous recommendations of our fine products at Nancy S. Juetten Marketing Inc. –

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